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“What we are really concerned with when we invoke the “algorithmic” here is not the algorithm per se but the insertion of procedure into human knowledge and social experience. What makes something algorithmic is that it is produced by or related to an information system that is committed (functionally and ideologically) to the computational generation of knowledge or decisions.”

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, Cornell University

In Keywords , Raymond Williams urges us to think about how our use of a term has changed over time. But the concern with many of these “digital keywords” is the simultaneous and competing uses of a term by different communities, particularly those inside and outside of technical professions, who seem often to share common words but speak different languages. Williams points to this concern too: “When we come to say ‘we just don’t speak the same language’ we mean something more general: that we have different immediate values or different kinds of valuation, or that we are aware, often intangibly, of different formations and distributions of energy and interest.” (11)

For “algorithm,” there is a sense that the technical communities, the social scientists, and the broader public are using the word in different ways. For software engineers, algorithms are often quite simple things; for the broader public they name something unattainably complex. For social scientists there is danger in the way “algorithm” lures us away from the technical meaning, offering an inscrutable artifact that nevertheless has some elusive and explanatory power (Barocas et al, 3). We find ourselves more ready to proclaim the impact of algorithms than to say what they are. I’m not insisting that critique requires settling on a singular meaning, or that technical meanings necessarily trumps others. But we do need to be cognizant of the multiple meanings of “algorithm” as well as the type of discursive work it does in our own scholarship.

algorithm as a technical solution to a technical problem

In the scholarly effort to pinpoint the values that are enacted, or even embedded, in computational technology, it may in fact not be the “algorithms” that we need be most concerned about — if what we meant by algorithm was restricted to software engineers’ use the term. For their makers, “algorithm” refers specifically to the logical series of steps for organizing and acting on a body of data to quickly achieve a desired outcome. MacCormick (2012), in an attempt to explain algorithms to a general audience, calls them “tricks,” (5) by which he means “tricks of the trade” more than tricks in the magical sense — or perhaps like magic, but as a magician understands it. An algorithm is a recipe composed in programmable steps; most of the “values” that concern us lie elsewhere in the technical systems and the work that produces them.

2. Aumenta riesgo de cáncer. cáncer efecto tóxico acetaldehído cancerígeno
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3. Favorece el sobrepeso. María de los Ángeles Carpinteiro, bióloga y especialista en química farmacéutica , explica que por su contenido calórico , el alcohol provoca aumento de peso y más cuando se combinan con refrescos, jugos, jarabes o bebidas energéticas. Por ejemplo, un jigger de 44 ml. de anís seco tiene 180 calorías , mientras que una piña colada llega a tener hasta 644.

3. Favorece el sobrepeso. María de los Ángeles Carpinteiro, bióloga y especialista en química farmacéutica calórico calorías

4. Pierdes control. Bajo los efectos del alcohol pierdes el control de tus sentidos, reflejos, movimientos e incluso la capacidad para procesar información y tu campo visual. Esto provoca que se reduzcan las habilidades para reconocer cualquier señal de alerta. Estas condiciones ponen en riesgo a sufrir algún accidente que puede tener fatales consecuencias.

4. Pierdes control.

5. Desequilibrio familiar. El Instituto Nacional sobre el Abuso de Alcohol y Alcoholismo señala que el impacto del alcoholismo en las familias llega a causar más daño y dolor que cualquier otra influencia interna o externa. Esta se manifiesta de manera diferente con cada miembro de la familia y tiene consecuencias a largo plazo.

5. Desequilibrio familiar.

En los niños provoca baja autoestima, sentimientos de culpa y desesperación, soledad, miedo al abandono, así como depresión crónica, ansiedad y estrés. Mientras que en el matrimonio o con la pareja hay mala comunicación, ira, angustia, menor deseo sexual, violencia y desgate económico".

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es una sustancia psicoactiva que genera dependencia . Sus efectos dependen de la cantidad consumida, hábitos de consumo y, en algunas ocasiones de la calidad de la bebida, afirma el Great Deals Reliable T By Alexander Wang Woman Silk And Cottonblend Bomber Jacket Red Size 10 Alexander Wang With Credit Card Cheap Online tS70dLHzkE

6. Crea dependencia. dependencia cantidad hábitos calidad Informe OMS 2014: consumo de alcohol y salud en el mundo

7. Causa depresión. Está comprobado que el riesgo de padecer depresión es mayor entre hombres y mujeres que abusan de Exclusive Outlet Pictures Terani Couture Beaded Silk Dress w/ Tags Explore For Sale Cheap 2iiKBBI
. Mientras quienes están Discount Limited Edition Kate Spade New York Belt Accented Sleeveless Top Latest Collections Online yClpfY
tienden a refugiarse en esta bebida. Esto porque les causa un estado momentáneo de placer y olvido, explica el Informe OMS 2014 .